American English

by The Craters



recorded with Zoom H2

first full length on Designer Medium


TY Alizée + Sean


released April 7, 2017

mixed with Jared Arnold
mastered by Zach Weeks
album art by Alizée De Pin



all rights reserved


The Craters Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Shutter
got the world at my sleeve
long as I can outrun shutter speed
she don’t say what she sees
fingers in the frostbite window seat

not surprised by surprise
eye to eye
side to side
hello bye

once was numb
now i’m raw
shutters in the stalls in between the walls
Track Name: American English
everyone left
so I stayed there awhile
sat on the floor with my cuffs in a pile
stared at the fan with my chin on my chest
stirring my drink with the swell of my breath
traffic withdrew to a nauseous refrain
circular logic in parallel phase
trying to settle a matter of taste
didn’t come back till it started to rain

all my ideas are for movies and wars
lacking resources default to guitar
American English from out on the porch
dissing illusions in capital quotes
Track Name: Suburban Lawns
track mud from trampled lawns across kitchen tiles
curves press the angled space till speech bubbles burst
I’m bending light between the girls and the guys
can’t help but cramp sixth sense
look me in the eye

we can close our eyes or we can share the dark with the lights out

I got so many sides I roll through the dice
till cast in past tense
cross your arms hope to die
Track Name: I Was Around
an actor breathing broke his image in the water on the set of the scene
I put a mirror in the cinema that was big enough to cover the screen

I was around

I left it up to the projectionist who did his best to focus the feed
the couples kissing didn’t notice couples kissing in the whites of their teeth

I was around

the mirror cracked the leaning shoulder of the actor in his balcony seat
a wisenheimer with a laser pointer blinded everyone in the room

I was around
Track Name: Baggy
take two years to build your case
and make one whole month of my worst days
wait wait, don’t wake me from the tangle
of phantom limbs
the winter wind howling between
me and my best friend

if every lie I say is a stain
then I’ll just black out the whole slate
every white lie turns to grey
chance of rain today…
wait till my breath is sharp enough to pierce
navels off the cuff
I’ll forget you soon enough
wear you on my cuff

wait wait, don’t tell me
I can see
that you patiently await
me to say
that I fucked up, well
that’s true enough
guess I don’t blame you for the barbed wire
circling the mine field
of my design where we danced
for the first time

if that’s retarded you’re welcome
to disregard it
just saying sorry
trust me that part
I couldn’t fake

I couldn't