take two years to build your case
and make one whole month of my worst days
wait wait, don’t wake me from the tangle
of phantom limbs
the winter wind howling between
me and my best friend

if every lie I say is a stain
then I’ll just black out the whole slate
every white lie turns to grey
chance of rain today…
wait till my breath is sharp enough to pierce
navels off the cuff
I’ll forget you soon enough
wear you on my cuff

wait wait, don’t tell me
I can see
that you patiently await
me to say
that I fucked up, well
that’s true enough
guess I don’t blame you for the barbed wire
circling the mine field
of my design where we danced
for the first time

if that’s retarded you’re welcome
to disregard it
just saying sorry
trust me that part
I couldn’t fake

I couldn't


from American English, released April 7, 2017


tags: pop pop Boston


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The Craters Boston, Massachusetts

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